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Questions Answered

For additional information (questions not answered on this page), please refer to the Q & A page. You will also find invaluable information on collecting, buying, and selling vinyl record singles and albums. Information on products purchased through, Target, Toys R Us, and/or Office Depot should be forwarded to that respective company.

Product Rating Information

All record products available for sale on this site have undergone strict grading procedures based on the scale detailed below.

For LPs/EPs/Singles [percentages are based on price guide listings for top-condition items]:

NM [90-125% NM value]-Both MINT and NEAR MINT items will be listed here. This will represent items that have either been played very few times, or not at all. Only the most insignificant of blemishes on a disc (with no recognizable interference in the sound) will be accepted. Jackets/sleeves may have but the smallest inconsistencies (with no color fade, folds or tears).
NM- [65-85% of NM]-Just below the highest grade, but better than VG+.
VG+ [40-60% of NM]-The most common grade which describes an item that has been used, but taken great care of. Many older items will likely be available at no higher grade. A NM item with a small but clearly apparent mark heard on the recording would grade VG+. A price sticker or small tear will have the same effect on a jacket/sleeve.
VG [20-35% of NM]-VERY GOOD items have marks causing noise on the recording which does not greatly interfere, though may be more audible in-between tracks or in quiet moments. Jackets/sleeves may have slight scuffs, tears, price sticker and/or bends, yet which do not strongly interfere with the general design, color, or type. Most collector discs are in this and the above ratings.
VG- [10-15% of NM]-far better than GOOD, but not quite VERY GOOD.
GD+ [5-10% of NM]-
GOOD PLUS items are still very playable (no skipping), yet pops and crackles are more noticeable in the sound. Jackets/sleeves may have the damage expected in a good amount of use and are not highly desirable to keepsake collectors.
GD [3-4% of NM]-
GOOD is the lowest acceptable grade for possible listening enjoyment. Skips will still not occur, but surface noise is often nearly as loud as the music, but not to the point that the instruments and vocals are not clear. A jacket/sleeve in this grade must have a relatively complete front-side, though you can expect tears, seam splits and minor soiling.
GD- [1-2% of NM]-better than POOR, but not quite GOOD. Item may skip, a jacket/sleeve will have more significant tears or soiling.
PR [no value-1% of NM]-
POOR items have little collector value unless extremely rare and/or items are concerned. Skipping is almost certain to occur. Pops and crackles are consistently as loud (or louder) as the music. Covers are worn to the point that all four seams may be split. Only the rarest of items and of extreme value in the NEAR MINT rating could be of any interest in this grade.

**-There are no "poor" condition items available at

to make all the above, easier:

Any disc graded VG- or higher, can be greatly enjoyed - the higher the number obviously, the better the disc. Anygrade below VG- will likely be otherwise. Any jacket VG or higher is desirable, below is otherwise (unless highly valuable.) Items priced at 99¢ or less may not have ratings consistent with what is listed. All ordered items are given an updated review before payment is accepted.

For 45rpm singles, it is important to note that even top-rated discs from early music periods [1948-63] may have some sound interference. Grooves on 7" discs are rougher than your standard 10" or 12" long-players, and though unlikely, may not respond as well to needles used more often on LPs. Ratings are based on visual appearance under penetrating sunlight.

These are the main phrases, abbreviations and images used in the music catalogs:

[CR] - COVER (Jacket) RATING. In the record sections, this will represent the column where the rating of the jacket is located. Some single-title discs (7", 10", 12") will have only generic jackets and thus the rating is omitted.
[DR] - DISC RATING. In the record sections, this will represent the column where the rating of the disc or discs (if different) is located.
] -Sealed. This may include seals from persons other than the manufacturer. Imports are generally not sealed, so they may be sealed by the imported prior to shelf sale. It does however, indicate an item of a top rating (NM) which is professionally sealed.
[lyric sleeve] -Other than a normal protective inner-sleeve, the album contains a sleeve which has lyrics (of songs that appear on the album) printed on it. This will include manufacturer lyric sleeves ONLY, no private home-made variations.
[lyric sheet] -A separate sheet with printed song lyrics will be found inside the jacket. This will include manufacturer lyric sheets ONLY, no private home-made variations.
[*promo only*] -An item that is designated for Promotional use only. Promotion will clearly be stated in the manufacturers print. This does NOT include standard pressings that have been designated as promos by a stamp or cut.
[gatefold] -Generally used to describe album jackets which "open" like a book. This is common for multi-disc albums, thus, is not mentioned on their description unless other unique properties exist. [3-pane gatefold] signifies that the cover has a 3rd flap which can be opened to form up to a 36" long album jacket.
[textured jacket] -This signifies an album which has other than the normal gloss or flat cover. Some album jackets may be made with fabric, or have indentations for a three-dimensional look. These are usually quite the exception and may figure greatly in the value of the item. "Die-cut" is occasionally used to describe a jacket that has a more pronounced textured features.
ss] -This signifies an album jacket which has one or more complete Seam Splits.
pss] -This signifies an album jacket which has a Partial Seam Split and can even occur to an otherwise NM cover which was damaged during transit.
wol] -This signifies a disc label which has writing on the label. A label with writing and a sticker will have a w/sol.
woc] -This signifies n album jacket which has writing on the cover.
sol] -This signifies a disc label which has a sticker (or stickers) on the label.
tol] -This signifies a disc label which has a tear (or tears) on the label.
toc] -This signifies an album jacket which has a tear (or tears) on the cover.
[] - Labels with multiple defects will have their codes reduced such as
w/sol [writing and sticker], s/tol [sticker and tear], or w/s/tol [writing, sticker and tear] or any variation thereof.
[cc] -Cut Corner. To signify a promotional sale, companies/stores would slice off a corner (usually 1") off or punch hole(s) somewhere on an album's jacket. The disc is not damaged during this process. It is impossible to distinguish a factory cut from a fake, thus the value is not less or greater than a regular version with similar physical damage.
[2LP] or [2CD], [3LP] and so on-When a music title has more than one disc, the number will be listed beside the title thusly.
[RIAA] -Signifies that the album jacket contains a seal stating that it has sold over 500,000 copies. This seal can only be rewarded by the RIAA authority.
[CRC] -Issued uniquely by the
Columbia Record Club.
[RCA Club] -Issued uniquely by
Record Company of America to the service’s members.
Club Edition] -Generic term used to describe an album issued by any of several mail-order record clubs.

Downloadable catalogs are available for vinyl record albums. Click HERE for more info.

All CDs listed in this web site are fully playable an in most cases, NM. Any CDs purchased though our Savings Portal will be subject to the conditions of that seller.

For more information on ordering items, click here.


Shipping and Payment Information

Money Orders or Credit Cards** preferred.

Personal or Bank Checks and Direct Wire Deposits also accepted.

**Credit Card Payments ONLY through PayPal. is located in the state of New York.

For U.S. Mail customers: We prefer the use of money orders or credit cards (through the secure PayPal system) when purchasing items. Items will be shipped within 24 hours (except on Sundays) of receiving a money order, PayPal payment, or certified bank check. If you choose to send a personal or regular bank check, please allow added time [4-8 business days] for funds to clear. We currently do not accept credit cards directly from customers. PayPal payments or BidPay e-mail notifications made by 11am (weekdays only/no holidays/no bad weather) will be shipped the SAME DAY.
CODs, or any other form not listed above will not be accepted. Sending cash is not recommended without the use of registered or certified mail. We are not responsible for letters lost during transit.

For OVERSEAS customers: Credit Card payments can be accepted from dozens of countries world-wide. If PayPal is unavailable in your Country, you may use an international money order or cash in US dollars (registered) when purchasing items. We also accept certified bank checks, also in US dollars. Foreign currency will be accepted in the form of legal treasury bills or certified bank checks. All orders paid in foreign currency will include a charge for its exchange to US Dollars. We are not responsible for letters lost during transit. Buyer must (is using non-U.S. funds) pay additional 8.25% for any monetary exchange rates incurred by the process of transference to US Dollars.

We accept currency from any country in the form of treasury bills, money orders (international for overseas), or certified bank checks; these include Japanese Yen (¥), British Pounds (£), Euro, and the like. Sending payment in US funds will save the sender additional transfer costs. This option may be removed at any time.

For ALL customers: We accept payment via Direct Bank Wire Deposit for orders with large dollar amounts; mention this payment option along with your e-mail order if this is your choice. You will be given the appropriate tracking and account information needed to proceed. Funds received in account before 1 P.M. EST (1300 hours) or 11 A.M. PST (1100 hours), will be on its way to you the same day. NOT available to all customers, please ask your bank about this form of monetary transfer. There will be an additional $15 charge for this service.



Orders within the continental U.S. will receive a shipping rate of $4.95 for up to 10 items which includes delivery confirmation (fragile or bulky items require alternate handling and packaging and thus the cost may be greater). This includes basic shipping costs for Media Mail with Delivery Confirmation via the USPS. The price chart below represents the highest charge for said number of items, but in many cases, the cost may be less as not all 'items' are equal in size and weight.

We recommend Priority Mail for all record shipments, but understand that the cost may be great for large orders and thus offer the rate mentioned. Media Mail shipments, despite our packaging efforts, may become damaged, thus should only be used for large orders where more weight-intense pressure can be sustained. Priority or Express mail is available at greater cost and will be calculated at the time or order. Single items which are light in weight (such as a 7" single) will be given consideration for lower shipping rates and/or First Class options.
Posters (rolled) are shipped separately, thus the basic minimum rate applies separately to these items. Orders of more than ten (10) CDs may be shipped in protective sleeves instead of jewel cases to save on space if the purchaser so desires. This option is especially recommended to overseas customers to significanly lower shipping costs. The purchaser reserves the option of having the CDs shipped without jewel cases no matter the number of discs. Listed prices of items are partially based on shipping costs for that item. An added value is given to subjugate costs. For 4-10 day [Media Mail] shipping within the continental U.S., you can expect these costs:

1-10 items (5lb max.) - $4.95
11-20 items (10lb max.) - $7.50
21-30 items (15lb max.) - $9.75
Priority Mail cost calculations are based on weight, size and destination.
A single LP or 2LP set shipped Priority will likely cost $6.75 or higher,
depending on U.S. destination.

OVERSEAS Shipping Options: With the exception of Canada and Mexico, shipping costs for all orders of up to 5 full-sized record albums (3lb or 1.36 Kilo maximum) will be $9.50 USd. Larger orders will be given individual weight-cost calculations. Orders will be received within an average of 4-6 weeks by this method. If Air (4-7 days) shipment is desired, shipping costs vary by country. Please click on menu below for Air shipping costs (based on the regulations listed above) to your country:

Air Mail shipping costs for single items will be given individual rates. Rates for packages of 3 to 5 full-sized albums or 5 to 15 (45rpm) 7" discs are reflected by the menu above. Exceptions may be given upon request.

To Canada: Surface (3-5 week) shipping costs for up to 5 full-sized record albums (3lb or 1.36 Kilo maximum) will be $7.95 USd; Air (4-7 days) shipping will be $9.95. Single items will be given individual rates.

To Mexico: Surface (4-6 week) shipping costs for up to 5 full-sized record albums (3lb or 1.36 Kilo maximum) will be $10.95 USd; Air (4-7 days) shipping will be $15.95. Single items will be given individual rates.

Registered Air Shipping is recommended, though not necessary, for all overseas orders. Package registration is optional and is available at $7.50 and above, depending on your country. Insurance is only available in a certain list of countries, please inquire if interested.

We exclusively use the United States Postal Service for shipping. Choice of additional insurance, return label, certification or registration is available to all continental US, and select non-US customers, at extra cost. We recommend the use of certification, registration or insurance for all US customers, especially on orders containing fragile items (such as pre-1960 records) and/or items of high value. We also recommend the use of package registration to all customers outside of the continental US, including Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska. The individual(s) whom pack your order(s) have good experience doing so and you can expect a proper job done. Customer must assume full responsibility for uninsured packages. We can not be personally held responsible for damage incurred by mishandling during transit. If insured items are received damaged, you should notify us for assistance. Overseas options such as Global Priority or Express Mail Service (EMS) are available by inquiry.

Return & Refund Policies+

Refund Guarantee - enjoy your records or your money back! - It's simple.

Any order of which payment has not been received can be canceled for any reason. Orders where payment has been received can not be canceled. If you, for any reason, are unhappy with your qualifying purchase, please feel free to return the items within 14 days (post-marked) for a credit* (order total before shipping and after any coupons or discounts) toward another purchase, or a refund**. There will be no subsequent shipping charges for exchanged items. Exchanges (any percentage of the order) can only be done once. **We offer a refund guarantee on all record items with a listed price over 99¢. Any record items listed at 99¢ or less will not have a refund guarantee unless the customer specifically asks that the item(s) be reviewed for 'refund clearance' BEFORE payment is made. All Compact Discs and DVD or VHS Movies are fully refundable. All comic book, magazine, investment shield, or special order sales are final. Qualifying refunds will consist of order totals before shipping costs. All returned items must be sent with delivery confirmation and/or insurance. In either sending or receiving, we can not carry personal guarantees on shipping safety; only by using the insurance and/or registration options may this be realized. Please do not return items after the 14-day time period. Any order returned after the 14-day (postmarked) limit will be held, and no credit will be given. In this case, the sender will have an additional 14 days to send the cost of shipping if he/she wishes to have the items re-delivered.

If any items are missing from your order, please notify us immediately and the missing item(s) will be sent without added cost to you.

Returning an order will automatically invalidate the coupon which was earned from that particular order. In other words, if the order warranted a discount judging by one of our set offers (as listed below), thus allowing the customer to purchase items for less than the listed price, exchanges will be based on those discounted prices, and not the prices originally listed.

+ refunds/returns can only be given to/accepted from U.S. customers.
*credits are good only for items offered on this web site. Credits can not be used towards shipping costs of an order.
**refunds will not include shipping costs.

Discount Coupon Information

First time customers - Receive a 15% discount towards any record order over $50.00 before shipping costs calculated. For example, if your order total is $57.50 before shipping, we will automatically remove $8.63 from the order.**

Return customers - Receive a 15% discount towards any record order over $35.00 before shipping costs calculated - OR - Receive a 20% discount towards any record order over $95.00 before shipping costs calculated. For example, if your following order total is $98.45 before shipping, we will automatically remove $19.69 from the order. Further discounts to return customers will be offered at our discretion.**

These discounts are available ONLY for record items, not CDs, Movie [DVDs / VHS] titles, Investment Shield products, or items purchased through the Savings Portal from, Target, Toys R Us, or Office Depot.

**These discounts can not be deferred towards shipping costs, or a past or future order. These discounts do not apply to special-order items (items not listed on the site), or supplies such as sleeves or covers listed in the Audio Protection Supplies (Investment Shield) section. Value of returned items will be based on their price minus the discount given. Any coupons offered by us which were designated to be used for a future order, expire after six (6) months of receipt. Coupons earned from an order which was ultimately returned become automatically invalid. Coupons which were used towards an order which was ultimately returned, are re-validated and may be used towards a future order. Coupons may not be used towards shipping costs.

For ALL Items: IMPORTANT-Some "special order" item purchases do not qualify, these items will clearly be identified to the interested party before any payment is accepted. A "special order" item is identified as any item which was located outside of our catalogs specifically for the individual whom inquired, and wished to purchase from us. Discounts and coupons may only be used towards purchases of "catalog" or "listed" items and not on these selected "special order" items unless otherwise offered.

Survey or Trivia Submissions - play host to user surveys and/or trivia contests based on categories which reflect the interests of the users of this web site. Some survey or trivia contests have their own individual awards, prizes and/or amenities to offer. Results may or may not be featured for public view. No personal information contained in the submissions will be revealed to any third party unless the (proven) submitter chooses otherwise. These participatory surveys and trivia's will clearly be featured on various areas within the web site as well as advertisements outside the realm of If you are a return customer, yet a first-time participator of any particular survey or trivia which offers coupons as an award, you may combine that offer with any discount or coupons you have earned in the past, if your order total after the use of the discount adds to over the amount stipulated in the regulations of that particular survey or trivia. Any "item" award will be shipped to the winner free of cost. Orders awaiting shipment within 3 days of the submission result, will include any awarded item(s); shipping costs of these orders are not affected by the inclusion of the item(s). Users are bound to the conditions stipulated in the regulations of that particular survey or trivia which they participate in. Survey or Trivia coupons will expire 30 days after the date of receipt. reserves the copyrights to any information submitted to us by way of survey or trivia submission.


Prices are based on US Dollars; a currency converter will be found by clicking here. Please view individual pages for more specific information on rating, condition, and price. It is the customer's responsibility to further inquire about specific qualities of any item he or she wishes to purchase prior to sending payment. For example, the grading system used in this web site will not reveal what the specifics are in regards to an item's condition, only an overall sense of condition. An item's description may possibly, yet unknowingly, not indicate it as a re-issue or other pressing. Collector discs and higher-priced items often contain extended information such as pressing. Though most items found on this site are below wholesale, and the date of their pressings matter little, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to inquire about certain qualities of higher-priced items if he/she wishes to have a certain issue of the product. All inquires will be answered promptly, and the customer is asked not to send payment until all questions are answered to their satisfaction., or its handlers, can not be held responsible for errors made by customers in regards to their order(s).

All single and long-playing record items, CDs, DVDs, or otherwise listed in this web site are master pressings from their respective copyright owners and sold as indicated. There are absolutely NO COUNTERFEITS sold in or from Imports (clearly identified) may or may not indicate "bootleg" or "private" recordings which are legal in their respective countries of origin, yet that do not contain copyrighted material. Ratings in all categories are subject to error, especially in lower-priced music items which receive a general review other than a thorough examination. All items are re-examined before payment is accepted. Some music items, or other products found on this web site may contain words and/or scenes depicting violence and/or sexual situations and it is imperative that no one under the age of 21 have access to them. By ordering adult-rated items from this site, you indicate that you are, based on the regulations of your particular United State or otherwise outside of the US, an adult. We reserve the right to refuse/strike any order upon our discretion. Strikes will occur in the event of bounced checks, unpaid-for items without notice, and among others, rude or inappropriate language and/or behavior. It is a federal offense (which may be subject to a prison sentence) to use counterfeit monies in any form with the purposeful intent of deceit. Bounced checks are subject to a $20.00 fee to the sender. We may not be held responsible for damage to musical or other equipment caused by improper handling or usage of items purchased from

All of your information is safe with us at, names, home or E-mail
addresses, or any other personal information will not be lent or sold to anyone.

Any additional information will be given to the best of our ability upon request. Pricing and other information throughout are subject to change without notice.

Please view our Information Center for product, payment, shipping, as well as other documentation. To view a list of the most recent web site catalog updates: CLICK HERE FOR NEWEST ADDITIONS. For up-to-the-minute catalog updates, please request one from our orders page.

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