Dawn Molloy Interview
January 13-18, 2005
First Published: March 31, 2005

If you are here, you likely need not be reminded as to her role in the life of Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones. Though Dawn [Molloy as she is mostly known]'s name often finds a place among the thousands of Brian Jones web sites, little information is otherwise offered or even available.

Some months after first being contacted by Dawn in June of 2004, I was granted a unique opportunity to pick at a mind whose memories of years passed are still quite clear. Those of you whom are true fans of Brian's will find her words often relieving and intriguing, while at times even harsh and hopefully, revealing.


AC [e-mail] Q: Hello Dawn. Please tell us where and when you were born.

DAWN: l was born at Worster Park in Surrey on March 15th, 1946.

Q: Had you moved around within England in later years?

DAWN: Yes after l married we lived in Kent Hampshire Nottinghamshire.

Q: When did you arrive to the United States?

DAWN: June, 1982 to California.

Q: How long have you been Mrs. Dawn Young?

DAWN: Since December 18th, 1965.

Q: As Dawn Molloy prior to your marriage, you once had a close relationship with Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones. Do you recall when and where the two of you met?

DAWN: I knew of Brian at first in 1962-63 as my friend and l would go to the Red Lion Pub in Surrey when the Stones first got together and Ian Stewart was playing keyboards. To be honest, they did not sound too good then but we would go every time they played and we got to be friends with all of them. We also went to the Marquee club and l remember Brian sometimes didn't turn up. I lost touch for about a year when l went to stay with Aunt on the East Coast and was getting ready to go back to London when l saw a billboard for The Rolling Stones playing in a Hotel near by so l thought l would go and see them then catch a train back. When l arrived, l saw Stew unloading the van. He was surprised to see me so far from home and told me to go upstairs and see the boys. l asked him what he was doing he said he was no longer playing but was now their road manager. They all greeted me and insisted l stay with them and they would take me home the next day as they all had to get back. Brian was fussing over this little white poodle puppy, the poor thing was shaking and looked scared to death. l took it from him, our eyes met, and that was it. He asked me to stand side-stage during the show. l realized then how much better they had become. After l took care of the puppy, Brian and l sat talking all night it was as if l had known him forever and the next day we all got into Mick's Ford Zephyr and drove home ... what a trip that was. Every time girls saw us, they would dive for the car and the boys thought it was hilarious. l don't think they believed they were becoming so famous.

Q: Do you recall any particular conversations between Brian and yourself?

DAWN: Brian talked about going to America. His dream was to be able to play with some of the blues men he idolized.

Q: What was your impression of him as a person?

DAWN: He had this arrogant air about him but l saw through that. He was always well dressed. I loved the way he smiled and talked with just a slight lisp. He had a great sense of humor.

Q: As a teenager during the early and mid-1960's, what were some of your 'likes' in the area of popular music?

DAWN: l liked Rhythm and Blues, some Everley Brothers and The Beatles.

Q: Did you consider yourself an admirer (or fan) of the Rolling

DAWN: No, not at first really. l do admire that they are still a team today.

Q: Can you recall what some of your own aspirations were as a child
and a young woman?

DAWN: Yes, l wanted to be a Midwife.

Q: Was music, or any other art form, a large part of your life at
the time?

DAWN: Yes, my Father was a trumpet player all his life.

Q: OK, here's a tough question for you ... better Rock band? Beatles
or Stones?

DAWN: No not tough, the Stones.

Q: We know now that Brian had a few children of his own. Tell our readers about your son Paul and why we know of him today as John.

DAWN: From my relationship with Brian, my son Paul was born on March 24th, 1965 in England. Because I was forced to relinquish him to adoption at six weeks, his name was changed to John.

Q: Was Brian aware of what happened to you and your son?

DAWN: In October 1964, while I was 4 months pregnant with Paul [John], l went to a Torque venue to see Brian and was told by Bill [Wyman] and Stew that Andrew [Loog Oldham] had told Brian he could not see me as it would be bad for the band. I remember so well as they both held me while l sobbed. The next summer, Linda Lawrence came to see me with Julian to find out if l had really relinquished my son.

Q: You had to part with your son at such a young age; have you since
been in contact with him?

DAWN: He found me on September 11th 1994 after almost ten years of searching.

Q: This may be difficult to put into words, but could you try to describe how you felt the moment the two of you met?

DAWN: John finding me was the happiest moment of my life.

Q: Did he know who his birth father was?

DAWN: No, the adoptive parents were told that father was unknown because they had difficulty finding parents for a “rebel’s child” as he was regarded in those days.

Q: This coming March 24 [2005], John will be 40 years of age. Where is he now, and has he a family of his own?

DAWN: John lives in England and has three children.

Q: Have you and John maintained constant contact since that day in 1994?

DAWN: Yes, both in written words and in person.

Q: Please tell us something about what you have done in these years passed. We now know you have married for what is approaching 40 years, otherwise, what did you want to accomplish by this point, and have you done so?

DAWN: l wanted to see the world and have visited most of the places l wanted to see. I am a mother and wife. My life has been full and happy.

Q: When did you last communicate with Brian?

DAWN: l lived at Chesham House and he lived two blocks away. In December 1965, Brian knocked on my door a week before l got married and demanded to see his son. My Dad, Brother and now husband chased him around the square.

Q: What are your thoughts on adoption by both your own experience and in general?

DAWN: Adoption is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. When John was born, single women were not allowed to keep their children, often unless they faced complete rejection by their parents and friends. I was not told about alternatives, as there were none, such as temporary government help for young mothers. I was only told I could not provide for my own son and he deserved better than me. I was forced by society and my parents to relinquish him. I regret every day that I have lost with John. My heart had a huge hole in it for many years until we met again. The world seems to focus on the adoptive parents to the exclusion of the first mother. No one seemed to care that I suffered a terrible trauma that has affected my entire life.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers out there?

DAWN: Brian was a very talented musician. He could play almost any instrument. l believe that had he lived, he would have been an even greater success in the music world. It is so unfortunate, but I believe in the end that Brian had no real friends that truly knew him or cared for him ... it seems they only wanted to hang around because of the fame.

AC: Thank you, Dawn.


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