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Jagger in 1963 recording session.

- Though sixties-generation Stones fans grow older, they often feel betrayed that Mick, Keith and Charlie have aged as well. Younger fans can often appreciate the Stones as they are now, and only be more impressed by what they had accomplished in the past. Mick and Keith couldn't do Brown Sugar as they did in 1971, so they said "Start Me Up" in 1981. Songs such as Gimme Shelter (1969) and Sympathy For the Devil (1968) were timely upon their conception, but as time passed, made more sense to sing Heartbreaker (1973), Shattered (1978), Rock And A Hard Place (1989), or Sweet Neo-Con (2005.)
- In the same breath, many Rolling Stones recordings transcend time, such as in the acclaimed (i can't get no) Satisfaction. It's references to life experiences and growing pains need only be slightly altered to accommodate an individual's own experiences. "
...says he can't be a man cuz he doesn't smoke... the same cigarettes as me."


Pete Townshend inducts the Stones into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989
That's Mick Taylor (white scarf) with Jagger, Richards, and Ron Wood from left.

"There is no future in Rock 'n Roll, only recycled past."
Mick Jagger in an Aug. 1980 Chet Flippo Interview


They exploded onto the scene in 1962 when Rock and Roll was [rather officially] dying, subsequently helping to give it new life. Since then, Rock has died and been re-born time and again. Through all this, the Rolling Stones have maintained their strength.

It has been given several new titles and descriptions over the years, but Hard Rockers Led Zeppelin, Heavy Metal gods AC/DC, Alternative pioneers Nirvana, and Punk godfathers the Ramones ... , hey it's all Blues based Rock and Roll, baby.

For decades the Stones have remained in the interests of millions of Rock and Roll listeners, while many of their peers have grouped together for free gigs in High School auditoriums for a few hundred who'd rather be somewhere else. It is almost unfair for fans to expect the Stones to continue to produce fresh, good quality music and impressive live performances in to their advanced age. Yet they have caused us to think that way and they have rarely disappointed. Changing with the times without compromise, the Rolling Stones may have at times fallen hard, but they have never stopped firing, often hitting their targets dead on.

Jagger circa 1968 & 1985.

Music often provides us with a liability-free, yet not always sanitary, experience of the past. It also helps us understand the mindset of persons that lived during those moments in time as we decide in later years what will remain in our memories.
During our lifetimes, thousands of sounds and images are filtered through our conscious, of which only a few leave a lasting impression. Though the method was by historical standards only recently introduced, recorded music continues to provide a crucial link to days long since passed in it's own truly unique manner. Upon introduction, the best of these recordings at times spoke to us and, more importantly, spoke for us. In years that follow, these recordings will come to represent us and our environment. It is not always necessary for the greater percentage of the whole to appreciate certain recordings - as long as the ones whom do - cherish their value. For what was preserved in time -- the experiences, thoughts and opinions which would be impossible to conjure today or any in other moment with such clarity -- need only be spun on disc to revive. Even our earliest ancestors understood the importance of historical preservation, as they chipped stone, wood or shell, and sometimes painted cave walls to remind themselves and future generations of stories, events and peoples of the past. Today, we have no way of prophesying which of the songs currently heard on the radio will represent us definitively, yet at least for now we know what we hope will, and those will most likely survive as such. Though there have been individuals artists (or groups) which seemed unimportant at the time, we later understand what role they play in our lives, and how important it was to know that they were there to record it for us.

Richards & Jagger at the Concert for NY, 2001.


Mick Jagger (b. July 26, 1943).
Brian Jones
(b. February 28, 1942 - d. July 3, 1969).
Keith Richards
(b. December 18, 1943).
Charlie Watts
(b. June 2, 1941).
Bill Wyman
(b. October 24, 1936).
Ian Stewart
(b. July 18, 1938 - d. December 12, 1985).
Mick Taylor
(b. January 17, 1948).
Ron Wood
(b. June 1, 1947).
Bobby Keys
(b. December 18, 1943).
Chuck Leavell (b. April 28, 1952).
Darryl Jones
(b. December 11, 1961).
Dick Taylor
(b. January 28, 1943).

1st taste of Stone.

The Stones made their first album appearance in 1963
as part of the Thank Your Lucky Stars compilation album
released in the UK. Their first single Come On was featured.

Rare Jagger photo from 1964
around the town in New York.

The Rolling Stones first U.S. television appearance was on the Hollywood Palace (hosted by Dean Martin), where they performed I Just Wanna Make Love To You to a less-than-appreciative audience and slightly-inebriated host.

Ed Sullivan Show 1964-69

Overall, the Rolling Stones appeared on the Ed Sullivan show six (6) times between 1964-69, performing a total of sixteen (16) songs. View song lists:


W. Stout's 1973 work (left) & the Stones Birmingham '73 poster.

Extremely rare Picture Sleeve for the
Beast of Burden single.


Rolling Stones Virgin Gigs

Jagger takes flight in 1975.

The list below represents a selection of countries in which the Stones have performed since their first gig which is universally accepted as to have occurred at the Marquee Jazz Club in London, England, on July 12th, 1962. The Stones first gig in the United States (part of 1st tour) was on June 5th, 1964, in San Bernardino, California, a few days after appearing on the Hollywood Palace TV show with an inebriated Dean Martin. Immediately below is a list of countries (with exception to the US and UK) in which the Stones have performed, and when their first gig took place. For people interested in a more detailed breakdown of US gigs, we have a list of first gigs for each state in which the Stones have appeared, as well as firsts for other major cities in the same state.

1962 July, 12 - London, England

Africa (Ellis Park, Johannesburg South Africa) - Feb. 24, 1995
(River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires) - Feb. 9, 1995
(Manufacturers Auditorium) - Jan. 22, 1965
(Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna) - Sep. 17, 1965
(Palais des Sports, Brussels) - Mar. 27, 1966
(Pacaembu Stadium, Sao Paulo) - Jan. 27, 1995

Chile (Estadio Nacional, Santiago) - Feb. 19, 1995
(Tamar Festival site, Hong Kong) - 2006 (Nov. 7, 2003 Canceled)
(Zagreb Hyppodrome) - Aug. 20, 1998
(Straiiov Stadium, Prague) - Aug. 18, 1990
(Fyns Forum, Odense) - Mar. 26, 1965
(Festival Site, Tallinn) - Aug. 8, 1998
(Helsinki) - Apr. 3, 1965
(Olympia Theatre, Paris) - Oct. 20, 1964
(West - Munsterland Halle) - Sep. 11, 1965
(Panathinakos Futbol Stadium, Athens) - Apr. 17, 1967
(Kurhaus) - Aug. 8, 1964
Hong Kong
(Futbol Club Stadium) - Feb. 5, 1973
(Nepstadion, Budapest) - Aug. 8, 1995
(Palace Grounds, Bangalore) - Apr. 4, 2003
(North - Uster Hall, Belfast) - July 31, 1964
(Palazzo dello Sport, Bologna) - Apr. 5, 1967
(Korakuen Dome, Tokyo) - Feb. 14, 1990
(Rodriguez Stadium, Mexico City) - Jan. 14, 1995
(Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam) - Oct. 13, 1973
New Zealand
(Theatre Royal) - Feb. 1, 1965
(Messhallen, Oslo) - June 24, 1965
(Sala Kongresowej, Warsaw) - Apr. 13, 1967
(Alvalade, Lisbon) - June 10, 1990
(Moscow) - Aug. 11, 1998
(Usher Hall, Edinburgh) - Sep. 19, 1964
(Badminton Stadium) - Feb. 16, 1965
(Plaza de Totros Monumental, Barcelona) - June 11, 1976
(Masshallen, Gothenberg) - Mar. 31, 1965
(Hallen Stadium, Zurich) - Apr. 14, 1967
(Ali Sami Yen, Istanbul) - Sep. 19, 1998
(Zagreb) - June 21, 1976

Breakdown of U.S.A. Gigs:
updated: Oct. 14, 2006

no dates yet found for: Alaska (AK), Delaware (DE), Maine (ME), Mississippi (MS), New Hampshire (NH), South Dakota (SD), Vermont (VT), Wyoming (WY). If you have clear information regarding any missing States, please contact the Editor HERE.

Live in '75 (Richards, Jagger & Wood from left).


The Top-7 Grossing Stones Tours:
(updated Oct. 2019)

1. Bigger Bang (2005-07, 144 shows) $558,255,524
2. No Filter (2017-19, 44 shows) $415,609,064
3. Voodoo Lounge (1994-95, 124 shows) $320,000,000
4. Licks (2002-03, 115 shows) $311,000,000
5. Bridges to Babylon (1997-98, 108 shows) $274,000,000
6. Steel Wheels (1989, 57 shows) $98,000,000 U.S.A. & Canada
7. American Tour 1981 (1981, 50 shows) $52,000,000 U.S.A.


The Highest All-Time Average Show Gross:

The No Filter Tour (2017-19, 44 shows) $9,450,000 per show.


Letter from Mick Jagger (1965)

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