A heart-felt attempt at acting, Ned Kelly was Jagger's second completed film but first to be released. He seemed to relish in the role, but is clearly uncomfortable at times. His fellow actors seemed more than willing to work around Jagger's inexperience. Filmed in Australia, his work on this film would be given as the reason for his absence at Brian Jones' funeral.

Performance was his King Creole, Purple Rain, 8 Mile, the comparisons are endless.

James Fox (A Passage to India; Patriot Games; Remains of The Day) shared top billing with Jagger's form-fitted role as a reclusive rock star. Quite a good film in fact, and interesting time capsule that also spawned an unbalanced but intensely entertaining Soundtrack.

Though appearing as himself in the brilliant 1978 parody
All You Need Is Cash,
there was certainly some acting involved.

Mick Jagger's dismissed 1979-80 work on the 1982 film Fitzcarraldo
transformed into the spectacular documentary Burden of Dreams.

Not So Welcome Return

After a long absence from film acting (with all due respect to 1985's Running Out of Luck, ahem), Jagger returned to the silver screen with the 1992 futuristic Sci-Fi film Freejack. Fans were less than impressed at the result. Perhaps it would've served better if the film were entitled 'Freeadmission.'

(actor) (producer/act cameo)

As a producer, Jagger's Enigma is likely his most critically acclaimed film project. As an actor, though his role was relatively small, no one could (or should) deny the spectacular epic Bent.

Jagger was also involved (in varying capacities) in a few short subjects such as Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969), Lucifer Rising (1972) and "Wings of Ash": Pilot for a Dramatization of the Life of Antonin Artaud (1978.)


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