The Rolling Stones (est. 1962) Pt. III
Compilations 1966-2005

Which album may I show you?


1966 Big Hits (high tide and green grass)- Their first compilation LP issued for worldwide release was marketed quite differently in the States, as opposed to across the Atlantic. Released in the U.S. prior to Aftermath, this first Big Hits set would follow Aftermath in the UK. It would remain as the only Stones title to be out-of-order when attempting to list albums chronologically. The US version contained four (4) #1's but only two were home-grown chart-toppers. The alternate UK version has six (6) #1's including Little Red Rooster and Paint It Black, neither of which appeared on the US pressing.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 1966, Nov. 4 #4 Decca TXS/TXL/101 unknown  
U.S. 1966, Apr. 2 #3 London NPS/NP/1 2,000,000+  

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1967 Flowers - Though important for any Rolling Stones anthologist, this is, by today's standards, a rather unnecessary collection of tracks from 1965-67. It is still an interesting set, some selections of which were previously unavailable in the United States on LP format. A much-welcomed set in 1967 that did not translate well in later years, though surprisingly remains popular to this day. It contains tracks unique to US pressings of albums Aftermath and Between the Buttons, as well as songs from the original UK pressings that they substituted. For those that need absolutely everything, the highlight of this album is probably either My Girl or Ride On Baby, neither which appear on any other legal compact disc.

1967, July 15 #3 London PS/LL3/509 500,000+ My Girl

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1969 Through The Past, Darkly (big hits vol. 2)- Released in the US and UK within a day of each other, this 100% Jagger/Richards-penned compilation includes 7 US & 4 UK top-ten hits including the first album appearance of the #1 single Honky Tonk Women. Despite representing only about three years of recordings, this buries other single-disc Stones (or for that matter any artist's) compilations with its steady flow of rock classics. There are many differences between the US and UK pressings as far as arrangement. Once again, the UK failed to include I Wanna be Your Man on an LP, something they would finally do in 1971. Upon its initial release, this album sported a unique hexagon-shaped cover which was soon discontinued in favor of the standard square cover. There is an epitaph written on the inner cover in memory of the recently-deceased Brian Jones.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 1969, Sep. 12 #2 Decca SKL/LK/5019 unknown 'Sittin' On The Fence' was no "Big Hit"
U.S. 1969, Sep. 13 #2 London NPS-3 1,000,000+ Dedicated to Brian Jones

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1969 The Rolling Stones Promotional Album-
This is by far the most famous of Rolling Stones promotional albums. Compiled for radio station use prior to the release of Let It Bleed, it was a funky sample of tracks from their US LP catalog. Not concentrating on hits, it includes rarities such as 2000 Man, Walkin' The Dog, and She Said Yeah. Not a great collection of songs but clearly a collector's item worth searching for. Beyond its obvious appeal, it had reported to contain an alternate take of Love In Vain, though this is not quite true. The UK version is in mono, but that's as far as any 'alternate' versions go. It wasn't however the only previously-unreleased track on this compilation. The actual number of copies pressed is in dispute. Decca/UK announced a print run of 200. It is widely believed that there were also 200 London/US copies pressed, but the number is likely far higher. Some have reasonably suggested the number is closer to 1,000 but there is no documentation to support this. For more information on this title, please visit the
US LP Label History section.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. PRINT RUN Select Feature(s)
U.K. 1969, Oct. 30 - Decca RSM-1 200 mono (cover shows RSD-1)
U.S. 1969, ?? - London RSD-1 1,000 stereo

1971 Stone Age- The first in an endless series of British Rolling Stones compilation LPs in an attempt by Decca to squeeze every last drop of blood from the Stone(s.) The plus here for UK listeners is the inclusion of Blue Turns to Grey [album cut], One More Try [album cut], The Spider and the Fly [b-side], and My Girl [album cut], which previously were only released on US LP's.

1971, Apr. 3 #4 Decca SKL 5084 unknown  

Hot Rocks 1964-1971- An impressive collection of tracks from the Decca/London catalog that does not limit itself to hit singles as the previous Big Hits albums did. Skipping on several hit songs from 1964 which they did not write and passing up 1963 altogether, Hot Rocks 1964-1971 concentrates on their most effective and influential recordings up to and including Brown Sugar. There are 6 US #1 singles featured, as well as album tracks Gimme Shelter, Under My Thumb, the complete Sympathy For the Devil, and Midnight Rambler (live) from Ya-Ya's. Overlaps 6 of the 12 U.S. Big Hits (high tide and green grass) selections, and 7 of the 11 from Through the Past, Darkly (big hits v. 2). Not issued for the UK market until until 21 May, 1990 to coincide with the Urban Jungle tour in support of Steel Wheels. The 1986 Abkco virgin vinyl remasters were used for the UK edition.Important note: the earliest pressings of the US LP had alternate takes of both Brown Sugar and Wild Horses, and is highly sought after by collectors. Learn more about this rare initial release in our Stones US LP Label History page.

1971, Nov. 15 #3 London 2PS 606/607 12,000,000+ First, and thus far only, RIAA Diamond Disc


1972 MileStones- An unnecessary compilation consisting of a few obvious hits such as Satisfaction, Get Off Of My Cloud and the first UK LP appearance of I Wanna Be Your Man. Probably the worst Stones LP jacket design to boot despite its attempt at emulating the Jimi Hendrix Experience's U.S.-edition Electric Ladyland jacket. Album cut Yesterday's Papers makes its first, yet not last, appearance on a Stones "hits" collection. Otherwise, this LP offered nothing new or exciting.

1972, Mar. 11 #14 Decca SKL 5098 unknown  

1972 Rock 'n' Rolling Stones- UK record buyers began to feel betrayed as Decca farted out another set of previously-released Stones tracks. Come On makes its second appearance on an LP since 1966 and would appear again only three years later on the more appropriate Rolled Gold collection. There are no tracks compiled for the first time. To top it off, I Just Wanna Make Love To You had been included on a compilation only one year earlier. Live tracks Little Queenie and Carol were culled from Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out.

1972, Nov. 11 #41 Decca SKL 5149 unknown  

1972 Necrophilia- How this title was even granted a catalog number - AB4224 - is a mystery. Much like the legendary unreleased 1966 Stones LP Could You Walk On Water?, this set was to have featured 15 previously-unreleased tracks including alternate takes of Heart of Stone, Out of Time and Pay Your Dues - the original version of Street Fighting Man. Story has it that Andrew Loog Oldham and Allen Klein had a major disagreement on the track selection - more specifically on the extremely vulgar Andrew's Blues. It would have been unprecedented at the time for such a song to be released to the public, but not as far-fetched an idea by the 1980's if you consider that Lonesome Schoolboy Blues [aka: C**ksucker Blues] was included for a limited time in an official 1984 German albums boxed set. This title would be replaced by the friendlier More Hot Rocks but fans fear not, as nine of these selections later appeared in the 1975 LP Metamorphosis. Not surprisingly, Andrew's Blues has since become a popular bootleg track.

planned/not released: 1972 - Abkco AB4224 unknown Andrew's Blues

1972 More Hot Rocks (big hits and fazed cookies)- A far more expansive collection of songs will be found in this title of left-over hits, flip-sides and oddities from 1963-72. As a compliment to the first Hot Rocks, 9 of 10 remaining selections from the Big Hits albums are featured. There are several songs which had not been released on LP format including Child of the Moon, Poison Ivy, their first single Come On [1st US LP appearance], Money (that's what i want), Long Long While, and I Can't be Satisfied [1st US LP appearance.] With help from the 2002 SACD remaster, the entire 4-track, 1964 UK EP Rolling Stones has now been represented, as well as album tracks No Expectations, What to Do, Lady Jane, Sittin' On A Fence, and Let it Bleed. As with the first Hot Rocks, More Hot Rocks was not released in the UK until 1990 and again had a slightly alternate track listing. A must for Stones fans but a long, strange trip for uneducated collectors. note-the 2002 remastered 2SACD edition contains three tracks which did not appear on the 2LP set including a second version of Poison Ivy [from the EP], album cut Everybody Needs Somebody, and the original studio version of I've Been Loving You Too Long.

1972, Dec. 1 #9 London/Abkco 2PS 626/627 500,000+ Child Of The Moon


1973 No Stone Unturned- Jacket photo taken from the 1968 Jumpin' Jack Flash picture sleeve, yet does not contain the single. You will find JJF's flip-side track Child Of The Moon that had just been released on the More Hot Rocks 2LP set, but appeared on LP for the first time in the UK. England's first attempt at a reasonable collection is true to its name. All tracks were either flip-sides or UK EP tracks. From 1963's Stoned, to 1966's Surprise Surprise [UK's 1971 Street Fighting Man flip-side], this once unique LP was a catch in its time.

1973, Oct. ? - Decca SKL 5173 <60,000 First B-side collection

1975 Metamorphosis- Abkco’s final milking of the Stones’ unreleased Decca/London vault has few exciting moments to offer. These songs (from 1964-69) are too far separated by time and experience to work together in such a small set. It did however provide an interesting challenge to collectors for as of only 2002 was it offered officially in digital form. Not to be confused with true Rolling Stones recordings, the Andrew Oldham Orchestra (named for the Stones former manager) provided the music for most of the earliest selections found in this title. The collection ends with I’m Going Down, which is by far the strongest track on both the US and UK pressings. Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind and We’re Wasting Time did not appear in the US LP version, but it makes little difference. Refreshing alternate takes of Memo from Turner and Heart of Stone offer some solace.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 1975, June 1 #45 Decca SKL 5212 <60,000 all 16 tracks not available on CD until 2002
U.S. 1975, June 1 #8 Abkco ANA-1 <500,000 14 tracks on original LP, 16 on SACD

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1975 Made In The Shade- Despite existing simply to add to the receipts from the Tour of the Americas, one must at least admit that the songs are good. Angie was compiled for the first time, but Brown Sugar had already been down this road with Hot Rocks. The set was far too weak to survive as a memorable Stones compilation, yet strong enough to reach platinum sales status. At this point however, there is no use for such a collection of tunes from 1971-74 unless you were someone that not only skipped on the great albums from which these songs were culled, but failed to consider the countless compilations on which most of these selections appear. Despite this title's seemingly unneeded existence, it appears nostalgia overcame Virgin, possessing them to re-issue this title on CD ... either that or trying to overcome the company's poor track record regarding Rolling Stones releases.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 1975, June 6 #14 RSR/WEA COC 59104 <60,000 CD re-issued March 21, 2005
U.S. 1975, June 6 #6 RSR/Atlantic COC 79102 1,000,000+ CD re-issued April 5, 2005

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1975 Rolled Gold (the very best of the Rolling Stones)-
Originally slated to be a 3LP set entitled
The History of The Rolling Stones with 36 tracks, this 2LP set has an excellent selection of songs from 1963-69, and the main reason that the two Hot Rocks sets were not released in the UK until 1990. Overlaps half of the forty-six (46) selections from the two US double-albums plus Come On, Little Red Rooster, Carol and Yesterday's Papers. The best Decca compilation available in Europe on vinyl would have served no purpose in the US since 1989 as the Singles Collection 3CD set contains all but four Rolled Gold titles.

1975, Nov. 29 #7 Decca ROST 1/2 100,000+ 28 tracks

p1975 c1979 Songs Of The Rolling Stones-
One incredibly odd and intriguing Stones compilation. Designed simply for private home use, no sales and no airplay. Thirty (30) tracks were squeezed into a single disc and only Wild Horses runs past 2:30. Very unique song selection as well including four (4) Exile On Main Street titles such as All Down The Line and Sweet Virginia. Album cuts Sing This All Together, Something Happened To Me Yesterday, Yesterday's Papers, Ride On Baby, One More Try and Blue Turns To Grey each run under 1:30. Try to imagine Jumpin' Jack Flash cut by over two minutes, and You Can't Always Get What You Want missing more than five. It does serve as a great 'sampler', which was its intention. Abkco issued the set with these terms and conditions:
This record is one of a limited number for the sole and limited prupose for demonstration and may not be used for re-recording, dubbing, synchronization, performing, broadcasting, or any other purpose. This may be only a 3-star LP, yet is certainly a 5-star collector's item.

1979, ?? - Abkco MPD 1 1,000+ 30 Selections on 1 disc

1977 Get Stoned- For the TV-viewing population who simply may not have known that twenty-one (21) of these tracks had been released in a compilation only two years earlier. Arcade Records hit the UK top-10 with this re-packaging job. Still a great set of tunes no doubt. Concluded with Brown Sugar and Wild Horses in an attempt to emulate the brilliant US 2LP set Hot Rocks.

1977, Nov. 5 #8 Arcade ADEP 32 <60,000  

1979 Time Waits For No One/Anthology 1971-77- Ouch! if anyone thought MileStones or Rock'N'Rolling Stones would be unsurpassed in their historical futility, they were sadly mistaken. This title never even have a shot at CD release. This LP is in no way an anthology other than to push Black and Blue and give fans something to spend their money on until Emotional Rescue came around. The only top-5 single in this set is Angie, which by 1979 already seemed overexposed. Side two opens with Star Star and closes with three (3) straight Black and Blue tracks

1979, June 1 - RSR COC 59 107/39 110 not much  

1980 Solid Rock- Don't try to figure this one out. Simply yet another compilation of previously-released material. In this case, hits Satisfaction, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Women and Get Off Of My Cloud are surrounded by tracks such as All Sold Out, Connection, Citadel, Parachute Woman, Carol and others included purely for filler. There was no thought involved in the choices made.

1980, ?? - Decca TAB 1 <60,000  

1981 Sucking In the Seventies- This is an odd compilation that deserves recognition above most others due to it’s unique qualities. With the exception of Shattered and Mannish Boy (live), not one of the eight (8) remaining selections are found in their original form. There are a total of five previously-released selections that were edited by almost as much as two minutes, including Time Waits for No One [running at 4:25] and Hot Stuff [3:30.] The set does offer the b-side Everything Is Turning to Gold, the 12-inch promo-only b-side If I Was A Dancer (Dance pt. 2), as well as a song completely unique to this title, When the Whip Comes Down (live.) By the time compact discs came into play, this album already had it’s run and most consumers were no longer interested until Virgin Records announced that it would discontinue production in 1992. Virgin would finally lay plans to re-introduce this particular title into the market in April of 2005. Providing some solace to collectors for over a decade, three of the edited song versions did re-appear in the 1993 CD compilation Jump Back as well as the 2002 set Forty Licks. It offers radio-friendly versions of some otherwise long selections but the editing was broad and unnecessary offering nothing new or exciting to them.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 1981, Mar. 9 - RSR/WEA CUN 39112 <60,000 CD re-issued March 21, 2005
U.S. 1981, Mar. 21 #15 RSR/Atlantic COC 16028 500,000+ CD re-issued April 5, 2005

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1981 Slow Rollers- Finally a single-disc Decca compilation with some purpose, though slight. Once again you will find a slew of titles that do more to bring a nanker to your face than anything. This time however, you can thank Con Le Mie Lagrime Cosi for making this LP worth aquiring. As Tears Go By was a big worldwide hit not only for the Stones, but of course Marianne Faithfull whom had it be her first of four (4) UK top-10 singles. The Stones were already quite popular in Italy, and this Italian version of As Tears Go By only made them more so. Unfortunately there is not much more to say about Slow Rollers other than having the 7" single edit of You Can't Always Get What You Want lead off. This was clearly intended to be a collection of ballads (thus the title) and for the most part, does its job.

1981, ?? - Decca TAB 30 <60,000 Con Le Mie Lagrime Cosi

1982 Story Of The Stones- A K-Tel collection which mirrors the 1977 two-disc set Get Stoned down to the number of tracks. Though the tunes are great, one can not once again dismiss the strong similarity to other sets released in previous years. Still charted in the UK top-25 to show that Britons were not quite fed up yet.

1982, Dec. 11 #24 K-Tel NE 1201 100,000+  

1984 Rewind 1971-84- The first thorough post-Hot Rocks compilation was not the hit that CBS was expecting. Though it did peak at #23 in the UK, it only managed a #86 chart in the US due in part no doubt to the slew of cheap "hits" LPs since 1975's Made In The Shade. If you were a loyal customer thru all these years, there were only five (5) tunes compiled for the first time to sink your teeth into [six in the 1986 CD version.] The US and UK LP editions varied slightly with Hang Fire and Emotional Rescue substituting the UK original selections It's Only Rock 'n' Roll and She's So Cold. Until 1993 however, this was as good as it would get.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 1984, June 1 #23 RSR/WEA CUN 1? <60,000  
U.S. 1984, July 1 #86 RSR/Atlantic 90176-1 500,000+ 2 extra tracks on 1986 CD release

1989 Singles Collection* the London Years- A comprehensive collection of single releases from 1963-71 which is far more than it proclaims in its title. This is the most complete collection of Rolling Stones singles and b-sides available on CD format. From their first in June of 1963 [Come On b/w I Want to Be Loved], you will find almost every aspect of the Stones singles material represented, including British flip-sides and Decca/London singles released after 1971. This 3CD/4LP set overlaps thirty-five (35) songs from the 4-CD Hot Rocks collections, but offers an additional twenty-three (23) selections. Remaining true to the singles, songs such as Sympathy For the Devil, You Can't Always Get What You Want, and Dandelion are heard as they were in their original edited (or extended) "single" form for this album. note-though it would have been a great highlight, this collection does not contain Street Fighting Man as it is heard in its initial 7" form, that version remains otherwise unavailable on any official CD or LP. When the song Wild Horses was released as a single, its b-side Sway was found in alternate form as well; that recording was not owned by Decca/London, and thus not included in this collection.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 1989, Sep. ? #138 Abkco/Decca ? <60,000  
U.S. 1989, Sep. ? #91 Abkco/London ? 1,000,000  


1991 Collectibles- A bonus with the Flashpoint 2CD set contains several interesting tracks including b-sides, alternate takes, and remixes. Great as a bonus, but weak as a separate title which most European customers realized. For the rest of the world, this title could only be obtained in a limited boxed set of Stones albums from 1971-89. Four of these tracks would re-surface in the equally limp Rarities 1971-2003

1993 Jump Back: The best of the Rolling Stones '71-'93-
The first title released by the Stones new label, Virgin Records, is a compilation of hit singles from 1971 to 1989. Far better than the Rewind album from 1984, it does not overlook any major US hit single written by the Glimmer Twins in this period. Best quality 20-bit tech sound on eighteen (18) selections, of which only two are from their old Abkco catalog. An even disbursement of representatives from each album and Bitch to boot. It does skip on Heartbreaker from 1973, but there is not too little or too much from any single album and with exception only to Harlem Shuffle, all were original compositions. Joining the two Big Hits releases from 1966 and 1969, Jump Back is among the best single-disc Stones comps available. Large chunks of two songs were removed to make room on a single CD, yet in the case of Rock And A Hard Place, edited only by a shortened fade out. A total of six (6) of the selections are edited, including three which are also found on the rare Sucking In the Seventies CD. The answer as to why it took Virgin Records almost 11 years [Aug. 2004] to print this for U.S. customers may be in the dogfight for Rewind it caused on eBay which led many to shell out $20+ for the import version of Jump Back.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 1993, Nov. 19 #16 Virgin ?? 600,000+  
U.S. 2004, Aug. 24 #30 Virgin ?? 1,000,000+  


2002 Forty Licks- Respect and admiration for Mick Jagger by finicky Allen Klein appeared to be the strongest influence behind the release of this 2CD set featuring forty (40) tracks spanning 38 years and several label changes. Clearly the most chronologically expansive collection of Stones material groups twenty (20) Abkco catalog tracks from 1964-70 on disc one, with one (1) Abkco and fifteen (15) Virgin catalog tracks from 1971-1997. The bonus on disc two is four (4) 2002 recordings including the radio-friendly Don't Stop and Keith's Losing My Touch. One negating factor is an odd programming flaw which has Brown Sugar beginning before the counter hits 00:00 on track two. It is for only a few milliseconds, but would be clear to experienced Stoners. Taking a cue from the Jump Back CD, there are an incredible eight (8) edited tracks including entire 60-second cuts from Miss You, Beast of Burden, Fool To Cry, and It's Only Rock and Roll. 1980's Emotional Rescue is cut down once again by almost two (2) minutes, making Rewind 1971-84 the only compilation which has the unedited version. For reasons unknown, Anybody Seen My Baby? which isn't exactly a classic Stones recording to start, is hurt by a fade-out [known as the 'LP' version] which cuts the effective original CD-version closing. This 2CD set should benefit the less-informed Stones admirer to search for more within the individual album releases. Its failure to top the album sales charts [#2 in U.S. and U.K.] was thanks to Elvis, proving times have not changed much in some 40 years. Once again, the obvious tracks from Sticky Fingers are present while (equally obvious) there was nothing from Dirty Work. To get to the really good here, disc one is out of this world. The remasters are brilliant (if a bit bass-heavy at times) especially on The Last Time, 19th Nervous Breakdown and It's All Over Now which once suffered from flatness and static. Jagger's staggeringly clear vocals on Mother's Little Helper along with 19thNB and Satisfaction are so fresh and crisp you feel as though you were hearing them for the first time.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 2002, Sep. 30 #2 Decca/Virgin 7243 8 13378 2 0 900,000+  
U.S. 2002, Oct. 1 #2 Abkco/Virgin 724381337820 4,000,000+  


2004 Singles 1963-1965- Very nice collectible for pop-culture or Stones fanatics, but a virtual waste otherwise. A cumbersome 12-disc set that offers fans the opportunity to own an attractive collection of 7" single sleeve reproductions - though at significant cost. With no additional tracks unique to this release, only the most ardent Rolling Stones fan will likely be satisfied. This would improve significantly with the release of Singles 1968-1971

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 2004, Apr. 26 #178 Decca ?? ?  
U.S. 2004, May 4 -- Abkco ?? up to 50,000 possible  

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2004 Singles 1965-1967- More of the same, as the singles story continues. Eleven (11) total discs, each of which has its own sleeve reproducing the original 7" single sleeves from the period. A great collecitlbe, but an equally great extravagance. A no-doubt highlight is the inclusion of the rare We Love You PS.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 2004, July 12 -- Decca ?? ?  
U.S. 2004, July 27 -- Abkco ?? up to 50,000 possible  

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2005 Singles 1968-1971- More like 1968-76, but let's not split hairs here. There is more to celebrate in this set as a bonus DVD with four chapters including the Jumpin' Jack Flash video (with alternate audio take), an Ed Sullivan Show appearance, and the Have You Seen Your Mother... video are featured. Accordingly, fans are once again overcharged for this extravagance, this time to a tune of $55-60. All of these images and songs could have been put together in a nice book & CD set for under $40 that could have avoided the cumbersome collection of pieces. The spectacular detail and craftsmanship however, make this (as with the other sets) a worthy collector's item; down to the 'grooves' on the the top-side of the CD singles. Without a doubt, the inclusion of the rare Street Fighting Man PS is a joy to own for most whom could not afford over $10,000 for the real thing. An even more exciting aspect of this edition's Street Fighting Man (the song) is that it is the original (and alternate) single version. Despite the detail, there are glaring omissions. Abkco did not include the alternate 'single' version of Sway, and one track was missed entirely: Let It Rock [live] from the UK 3-track Brown Sugar single.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 2005, Feb. 28 -- Decca ?? ?  
U.S. 2005, Mar. 1 -- Abkco 0X01-1221-2 up to 50,000 possible 'Street Fighting Man' 45rpm version!

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2005 Rarities 1971-2003- This was no where near the quality of selection ardent Stones fans were hoping for. The term 'rarities' should not be thrown around as easily as it often is. Though indeed most of these tracks are not terribly easy to find, collectors will find that there is nothing to celebrate in having to shell out $14-18 for a collection of tunes of which most Stones fans are strongly familiar with. In fact, this only has a sprinkle of selections that had not previously been released on CD, and most are available on currently-pressed titles. It begs the questions: where is Sway or All Down The Line as they were heard in their original 45rpm form? ... when (if at all) will they officially release Claudine? ... or make available the true rarity Exile On Main Street Blues? Extended mixes of well-known tracks which were once buried in CD or 12" single pressings (and which few played more than once anyhow) do not constitute true 'rarities' -- or at least ones that people care enough about to purchase over and again in different packaging. Grabs points in finding a home for Through The Lonely Nights and Let It Rock (live.)

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 2005, Nov. 21 #133 Virgin ?? <60,000  
U.S. 2005, Nov. 22 #76 Virgin ?? <500,000  

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Keith Richards
(b. December 18, 1943).
Charlie Watts
(b. June 2, 1941).
Bill Wyman
(b. October 24, 1936).
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(b. June 1, 1947).
Bobby Keys
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Chuck Leavell (b. April 28, 1952).
Darryl Jones
(b. December 11, 1961).
Dick Taylor
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