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< Odd error on the CD tray slip for Made In the Shade.

Rewind was issued in a considerably larger number and should not fetch as much as it does in comparison to the other two. Not only were regular pressings issued, but there were many thousands of Columbia House and BMG issues floating around - as a matter of fact, these clubs were not dried of their stock until about 1994/95. The chance of re-issue still has it’s possibilities because the fact that later CD compilations (ex. Jump Back), only include songs from 2 additional post-1983 studio albums (Dirty Work & Steel Wheels), and are high in price. Rewind itself was hit hard by the release of 2002's Forty Licks.

Sucking in the Seventies has some possibility of re-issue, simply because it has many tracks unique to CD, as well as providing a pseudo-greatest hits compilation (1974-80). If re-released, it has as strong a chance to succeed as did Still Life, which is not a popular live album in any form.

Virgin got away with releasing three (3) Sucking In the 70s tracks on their 1993 CD Jump Back.
Jump Back review & track listing)



Virgin's Limited Edition CDs

In 1994, Virgin Records offered limited edition CDs of several Stones titles. Each edition was designed as the 12" albums originally were when first released, including reproductions of original inner sleeves (all), posters, gatefold covers, and even a zipper for Sticky Fingers. In 2000, the two most popular of the original series (Some Girls & Sticky Fingers) were re-issued.

These are the titles once available in Limited Edition:

Sticky Fingers 1971 (includes zipper)
Exile On Main Street 1972 (has gatefold cover & includes postcards)
Goat's Head Soup 1973 (includes card poster)
It's Only Rock and Roll 1974 (includes original inner sleeve)
Black and Blue 1976 (has gatefold cover)
Some Girls 1978 (has cut-out cover - 'under construction' edition)
Emotional Rescue 1980 (includes poster)
Tattoo You 1981 (includes original inner sleeve)


2002 Abkco (true) Remasters

Decades in the making, the Rolling Stones of 1964-69 returned to us in better shape than ever in 2002. Abkco remastered all Abkco albums from 1964-75 including the first-time-on-CD prints of Metamorphosis, the UK editions of Aftermath and Between the Buttons, as well as an updated More Hot Rocks with three (3) additional tracks... MORE SOON.


Why was Jump Back once so expensive?

In the U.S., the price of Jump Back often reflected the collector interest in the three (3) discontinued titles discussed earlier. Virgin records recognized the value of both the Shade and Rewind CDs, and refused to print a sufficient number of copies of Jump Back thus the price could “acceptably” be maintained high ($23.99+) as a so-called "import" for US customers. They figured people would rather pay $27.50 for Jump Back than say $30-40 for one of the other two. The release of Forty Licks in 2002 prompted the end of the Jump Back price gouge. Despite Virgin Records' lack of forethought, consumers made the August 2004 U.S. re-issue a major success.


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