The Rolling Stones
Complete Hit Singles List (1963-2006)
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(based on US Billboard and UK Record Retailer/Music Week/NME/BPI positions) Compiler: AC Palacio.
You may also review the more genre-specific Mainstream Rock Chart. Find a complete list of b-sides and release dates HERE.

>> Chart listings found here are based on positions from the two largest and most accurately maintained calculations of sale [US & UK] only. Though the US charts have remained as a top-100 listing throughout this period (with an additional 'bubbling under' 101-125), the UK charts have fluctuated between top-40 and top-75. note- Though different today, an EP in the 1960s was an extended-play '45' which was at times calculated as a standard single. These days, EPs are often calculated as albums, or altogether separately.
Though nevertheless thorough, these findings and calculations are open to speculation, especially regarding pre-1980 U.K. charts. See Chart Considerations for more information.

1963 Come On 21  
1963 I Wanna Be Your Man 12  
1964 The Rolling Stones [EP] 1**  
1964 Not Fade Away 3 48
1964 It's All Over Now 1 26
1964 Tell Me (you're coming back)   24
1964 five by five [EP] 1**  
1964 Time Is On My Side   6
1964 Little Red Rooster 1  
1965 What A Shame   *124
1965 Heart of Stone   19
1965 The Last Time 1 9
1965 Play With Fire   96
1965 (i can't get no) Satisfaction 1 1
1965 got LIVE if you want it! [EP] 1**  
1965 Get Off of My Cloud 1 1
1965 As Tears Go By   6
1966 19th Nervous Breakdown 2 2
1966 Paint It Black 1 1
1966 Mother's Little Helper   8
1966 Lady Jane   24
1966 Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In the Shadow? 5 9
1967 Let's Spend the Night Together 3 55
1967 Ruby Tuesday   1
1967 We Love You 8 50
1967 Dandelion   14
1967 She's A Rainbow   25
1967 In Another Land [Bill Wyman]   87
1968 Jumpin' Jack Flash 1 3
1968 Street Fighting Man 21* 48
1969 Honky Tonk Women 1 1
1970 Memo From Turner [Mick Jagger] 32  
1971 Brown Sugar 2 1
1971 Wild Horses   28
1972 Tumbling Dice 5 7
1972 Happy   22
1973 You Can't Always Get What You Want   42
1973 Angie 5 1
1974 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (heartbreaker)   15
1974 It's Only Rock and Roll (but i like it) 10 16
1974 Ain't Too Proud to Beg   17
1975 I Don't Know Why   42
1975 Out of Time 45 81
1976 Fool to Cry 6 10
1976 Hot Stuff   49
1978 Miss You 3 1
1978 Beast of Burden   8
1978 Respectable 23  
1978 Shattered   31
1980 Emotional Rescue 9 3
1980 She's So Cold 33 26
1981 Start Me Up 7 2
1981 Waiting On A Friend 50 13
1982 Hang Fire   20
1982 Going to A Go-Go (live) 26 25
1982 Time Is On My Side (live) 62  
1983 Undercover (of the night) 11 9
1984 She Was Hot 42 44
1986 Harlem Shuffle 13 5
1986 One Hit (to the body) 80 28
1989 Mixed Emotions 36 5
1989 Rock and A Hard Place 63 23
1990 Almost Hear You Sigh 31 50
1990 Terrifying 82  
1991 High Wire 29 57
1991 Ruby Tuesday (live) 59  
1994 Love Is Strong 14 91
1994 You Got Me Rocking 23 113
1994 Out of Tears 38 60
1995 I Go Wild 29  
1995 Like A Rolling Stone 12 109
1997 Anybody Seen My Baby? 22  
1998 Saint of Me 26 94
1998 Out Of Control 51  
2002 Don't Stop 36  
2003 Sympathy For The Devil (remix) 14 **97
2005 Streets of Love 15  
2005 Rain Fall Down 33  
2006 Biggest Mistake 51  

* - What A Shame remains as the only song to appear on nothing but the 'Bubbling Under' chart.

** - Topped Billboard Single Sales chart, as well as the Dance chart, yet without much radio play.

** - All three (3) Rolling Stones EPs from 1964-65 reached #1 in the UK EP charts.

* - Street Fighting Man did not chart in the U.K. until 1971.

1960's UK EP Chart Listings:

YEAR Extended Play TITLE UK
1964 The Rolling Stones 1
1964 five by five 1
1965 got LIVE if you want it! 1

Mainstream Rock Charts [US]

This more genre-specific chart was introduced in 1981 (as 'Album Rock Tracks') and relies more significantly on radio airplay than the main singles chart does. In every respect, a selection will reach higher on this chart. Of the Rolling Stones' five (5) #1 singles, three (3) were from Steel Wheels, two of which remained at #1 for five (5) weeks. Their longest-running #1 (13 weeks at top) is Start Me Up.

1981 If I Was A Dancer (Dance pt. 2) 26
1981 Start Me Up 1
1981 Hang Fire 2
1981 Little T & A 5
1981 Waiting On A Friend 8
1982 Going To A Go-Go [live] 5
1983 Undercover (of the night) 2
1983 She Was Hot 4
1983 Too Tough 14
1984 Too Much Blood 38
1984 Think I'm Going Mad 50
1986 Harlem Shuffle 2
1986 One Hit (to the body) 3
1986 Winning Ugly 10
1989 Mixed Emotions 1
1989 Sad Sad Sad 14
1989 Rock and A Hard Place 1
1989 Terrifying 8
1989 Almost Hear You Sigh 1
1991 Highwire 1
1991 Sex Drive 40
1994 Love Is Strong 2
1994 You Got Me Rocking 2
1994 Out of Tears 14
1994 Sparks Will Fly 30
1995 I Go Wild 20
1995 Like A Rolling Stone [live] 16
1997 Anybody Seen My Baby? 3
1997 Flip The Switch 14
1997 Saint of Me 13
1998 Gimme Shelter [live] 29
2002 Don't Stop 21
2005 Rough Justice 25
2005 Oh No, Not You Again 34

Chart Considerations

Select B-side tracks have been given their own chart status based on certain calculation quidelines.

U.S. Billboard chart calculations include unit sales, radio requests and airplay. Often, a song may reach the chart on radio airplay alone. For example, the chart position Play With Fire held [#96] was based on radio requests and airplay solely, since it was only a b-side [of The Last Time] and did not figure in unit sales.

The clearest example of this calculation method can be found in the #1 US single Ruby Tuesday/Let's Spend the Night Together. Both songs were equally enjoyed by many, yet only a single track on a disc can be considered for certification status and the record company decided to split the pair for special consideration in the UK and the US. Subsequently, Let's Spend the Night Together was a #3 hit in the UK. In the US, Ruby Tuesday was a #1 hit - but with radio requests and airplay, Let's Spend the Night Together pulled out a #55 position in the charts which obviously did not reflect the height of its popularity which many say could have been #1 itself. It's debatable whether the greatest strength of that 1967 record was do to its a-side, b-side, or both.

Billboard has also had a 'Bubbling Under' chart over a bulk of the Stones' recording career. This chart has varied from a #101-110 list, to as much as a #101-133 list in their early period. A few tunes that charted in the standard UK singles chart, also appeared in the U.S. 'Bubbling Under.' The only song to appear uniquely in the Bubbling Under chart [no U.K. chart and no U.S. top-100] is What A Shame, that reached #124 in January of 1965.

UK singles charts: Though recognized as a top-75 list for some time, the UK has what is known as a bubble-under chart which calculates charting singles from #76 to #100. This chart is based almost purely on speculation.

Most selections authored by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards.

Come On written by Chuck Berry.
I Wanna Be Your Man (Lennon/McCartney).
Not Fade Away (N. Petty/C. Hardin).
It's All Over Now (B. Womack/S. Womack).
Time Is On My Side (Norman Meade).
Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon).
As Tears Go By (Jagger/Richards/Oldham).
In Another Land (Bill Wyman).
Ain't Too Proud to Beg (E. Holland Jr./N. Whitfield).
I Don't Know Why (S. Wonder/P. Riser/D. Hunter/L. Hardaway).
Going to A Go-Go (Robinson/Tarplin/Moore/Rogers).
Harlem Shuffle (Relf/Nelson).
Almost Hear You Sigh (Jagger/Richards/Jordan).
Like A Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan).
Anybody Seen My Baby? (Jagger/Richards/k. d. lang/B. Mink).

All selections have been recorded by the Rolling Stones. On two (2) occasions however, a single was released under an individual’s name, these are:

1967-In Another Land (Bill Wyman) written by Wyman
Memo From Turner (Mick Jagger) written by Jagger/Richards

No other ‘solo’ work as been added to this list. Solo releases that have charted can be found in the Hit Albums page.
‘A’ sides with alternate flip-sides were not calculated as separate singles.

We do not have any information on the 1996 UK EP Wild Horses [live.] Though we believe that it did indeed chart, we have no information to back this. If you have any information regarding this or any other title either missing or incorrect, please feel free to bring it to our attention; it would be most appreciated.


Year, Month-a side/b side (highest chart position)














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